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Becoming A Senior Professional in Human Resources – International (SPHRi-HRMP)

The Senior Professional in Human Resources – International (SPHRi-HRMP) is a globally relevant credential that is designed to validate management-level core human resource knowledge and skills. The SPHRicredential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted HR principles in strategy and policy development as well as service delivery. Through demonstrated knowledge, the credential enhances the credibility of HR profes
sionals and the organizations they serve.


The SPHRi exam is for senior-level HR professionals mainly working in one country. SPHRi candidates are involved in talent management, strategy, service delivery, and policy-making activities.

The Human Resources Management Professional (SPHRi) certification is designed for a senior HR professional who:

  • Designs and plans programs in addition to implementing programs;
  • Has authority in the HR department;
  • Has at least four to seven years of wide-ranging and complex HR experience;
  • Has extensive HR generalist knowledge;
  • Can judge complicated situations using HR knowledge acquired over many years;
  • Understands the business beyond HR and has influence within the overall organization;
  • Seeks to strengthen the HR profession and gain credibility through increasing HR knowledge and experience.


Becoming an SPHRi means you have to pass an exam. The SPHRi program sharpens skills and useful competencies that are essential to your career’s success

  • Increase your international marketability and give you global mobility with the world’s #1 HRM qualification
  • Expose you to the latest HRM concepts and techniques and allow you to demonstrate your mastery of core HRM principles that are essential to best practice HRM
  • Broaden your knowledge of business principles, and thus equip you to take on more varied leadership roles in the firm
  • Facilitate faster career growth and progression
  • Increase the recognition and respect you obtain from peers and managers
  • Build your credibility as an expert in HRM
  • Increase your ability to handle strategic HRM challenges and think like a strategic leader in the firm
  • Develop your ability to recommend strategic HRM interventions that maximise staff productivity and business profits
  • Set you apart from other HRM professionals and allow you to be the “go-to” person in the HRM unit
  • Increase your value to employers by allowing you to make more effective contributions to business strategy and growth


Before you begin your journey to become a SPHRi, you have to meet certain requirements.

Not just anyone can become an SPHRi. Why? Because SPHRi is a very specific professional designation and a badge of excellence. And so to qualify to take the exam you need one of the below:

  • Minimum of 4 years professional-level experience in an HR position with a Master’s degree or global equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional-level experience in an HR position with a bachelor’s degree or global equivalent.
  • Minimum of 7 years of professional-level experience in an HR position with a less than a bachelor’s degree

Candidates taking the SPHRi exam must also demonstrate their knowledge of employment laws to be eligible, this can include:

  • Holding a local or national HR certification that covers Employment Law
  • Holding a Bachelor’s degree (or global equivalent) or higher in Human Resources
  • Completing a college or university-level course in Employment Law
  • Completing an education or training program in Employment Law



SPHRi Exam Preparatory Class spans for 6weeks: 2weekends in class (Saturday and Sunday consecutively) and 4weeks of virtual learning.



  • Training materials
  • Tea and Lunch break (light refreshments)
  • 3weeks of virtual class and personalised support system
  • Boot camp and Mock exam.

Note: Installmental payments available: Half payment can be made before the class and half at the end of the class.


This preparatory class ensures:

  • Exam success at first try.
  • A broadened HR perspective
  • Practical examples using scenario based experiences
  • Easy to understand Study material
  • Maximum class capacity of 32 to ensure one-on-one interaction.
  • Subject guidance from best faculty with 15+ years in practice and subject matter experts
  • After class training to fix the crack
  • Mock exams
  • Best service support system
  • Virtual learning.


Abuja and Lagos


After you have enrolled for the exam preparatory class and gone through our learning process, then you are ready to sit for the exam!



Exams are administered through our exam partner Prometric. Prometric operates a network of 10,000 test centres in 160 countries.

After registration and payment of your exam fees, a mail will be sent to you from HRCI stating the date and venue for the exam in your preferred location.



On the exam day, bring along an official government issued identification (example: International Passport).                



Official results will be sent within approximately 8 weeks after taking the exam. Successful candidates will receive their credentials at this time as well.



The SPHRi exam assesses general knowledge of the HR field in six functional areas:

  • HR as a Business Leader 32%
  • HR Service Delivery 23%
  • People Development and Talent Management 29%
  • Measurement 16%

The SPHRi Exam is a Computer-based Testing (CBT) and Paper-based Testing (PBT) and is composed of 170 questions (145 scored questions, 25 pre-test questions). The exam is 3 hours 25 minutes in length.


Testing Dates and Locations

Testing is offered at more than 250 Prometric testing centres and 116 internationally.

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